6 Reasons Why Learning Javascript is Essential for Web Developers

Javascript is increasingly becoming the most popularly used web programming language that is revolutionizing the web development industry.  Regarding its demand, Javascript already surpasses C# and is just a step behind Java.  Javascript has permeated all aspects of the web and is present everywhere and there are many reasons for it to be so.

Why Javascript is Great for Web Development

Considering some of the trends in the current web development industry like realtime web sites that look and feel like desktop applications, interaction rich websites with drag/drop and keyboard functionality, and visualization of large data-sets and video/ audio interaction, Javascript is the language that renders all of these incredible features.  Javascript is a very powerful language in the current web development scene, and by learning Javascript you become a much more in demand web developer than by learning any other languages like PHP and Python.

 1.  It’s Flexible

The obvious reason being that unlike PHP and Python, Javascript provides more flexibility in that it can be used for both front end and back end web development.  PHP and Python only works on the server side and has no role to play in the front end of web pages.  A programmer who knows PHP can only do back end stuff while a programmer who knows Javascript can do both front and back end. In other words, they have more power on their fingertips that increases their chances of getting hired.

If one wants to be a full stack web developer, who deals with both front and back end, then all they have to learn is Javascript since learning a single language that can be used for both purposes is easier than learning one language for front end and the another for the back end.  Hence, back end programmers who program in javascript instead of PHP or Python can easily create eye-catching and easy to navigate front end pages for their websites instead of relying on front end developers to do the job.  Put simply, they are more independent.  Furthermore, if one happens to loose their job as a back end developer, then they can easily get into front end.  This portability between front end and back end is what makes javascript learning javascript advantageous for programmers.

2.  Great community support

Furthermore, there are tons of freely available materials and learning resources on the web devoted to the task of making life easier for javascript programmers. These include online community forums like StackOverflow, GitHub, CodeAcademy, CodeSchool and CodeCombat.  Javascript has the largest community in StackOverflow and is the most tagged language in GitHub.  On top of that, Javascript is a light-weight programming language that is easy to pick up and learn which is probably the reason why it has the largest online community of programmers.  Hence, for those wanting to become a javascript web developer, the journey of learning is more promising and inviting.

3.  Minimal Coding Knowledge

The amazing thing about this language is that it lets programmer choose between being an architect versus being an archaeologist. What this means is that Javascript can be easily programmed in and deployed without requiring in-depth knowledge of programming unlike Java and C++ that requires one to have a deep and fully comprehensive understanding of core programming concepts before being able to code.  One doesn’t have to dig deep into the history of programming and how it has evolved like an archaeologist, but just start building stuff right away like an architect.

4.  Constantly Improving

Another aspect about Javascript that makes it more likely to be used is its increasing maturity and evolution.  The standards committee has made a commitment of releasing a new version of Javascript each year, due to which its syntax is rapidly improving. New features are being introduced that is making it more robust and powerful.  Programmers who want to get a competitive edge in the industry should start learning javascript as soon as possible to get a head start.  This way they will have a deeper understanding regarding the evolution of its core internal structure that will empower them with more knowledge regarding it.

Browsers are also continually improving the way they handle JavaScript code.  It is even said that sometime in the future, browsers will not only cache the JavaScript files, but the compiled version of those files thus increasing the speed at which web pages are rendered.

5.  Framework advancements

Not only is Javascript evolving, but the frameworks that render it are maturing as well.  This is obvious by the introduction of new version of AngularJS and Node.js for
server side programming.  Javascript can be run across multiple different platforms and is present everywhere in the web now.

6.  It’s in Demand

In terms of employability Javascript programmers are currently the most in demand on the job market.  Evidence suggests that programmers good at advanced JavaScript are commanding some of the highest salaries compared to other web-based languages.  Web developers who call themselves a client side JavaScript programmer get paid better than Java and less than C# while those who call themselves a server side Node.js programmer are the second highest pay in the industry.

The Go-To Language for Web Development

Although Javascript is not the only language that web developers are required to learn, nothing can take a programmer as far in creating websites as much as Javascript.  Despite the fact that web sites need development tools like HTML and CSS including programming languages like Ruby, PHP and Python and databases like MySQL and MongoDB, nothing can be more important and versatile than JavaScript in fulfilling the task.  Lets say that there are HTML web pages with CSS styling that need to have a front and back end.  In that case a developer doesn’t require any tool other than JavaScript, with the exception of frameworks. to do the remaining tasks.

Hence in a nutshell, JavaScript is a web programming language that is quite necessary for web developers to master in regards to its portability across different platforms, demand of use, versatility in being useful for both front and back end web development, ubiquity on the net and also its ease of learning due to availability of tremendous amounts of resources on the net, and its increasing job prospects and high pay rate.

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